Product Details

Elevate cleanroom operations with Muratec’s advanced Material Control System (MCS) — a comprehensive command center for cleanroom AMHS systems. Whether utilizing MACS or HAS-MCS, these solutions precisely control material movement, tracking, and monitoring, optimizing fabrication flow. MACS integrates with MES systems to enhance material movement control, streamlining flow and optimizing manufacturing processes. HAS-MCS provides advanced control and coordination for managing material movement and processes within a sterile production environment, interfacing with the host system for efficient communication. Muratec’s MCS solutions — MACS or HAS-MCS — empower users with comprehensive controls, tracking, monitoring, and reporting, optimizing material flow in fabrication.

Industries: Healthcare & Medical, Semiconductor & Technology

Configurations: 200mm, 300mm

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates with MES systems to issue transport commands to various AMHS equipment, including OHS, OHT, AGV, stockers, and CDRX.

Optimizes Control

Ensures precise control over material movement, tracking, and monitoring, streamlining fabrication flow in cleanroom operations.

Tailored Flexibility

Customizable to meet facility-specific requirements, offering tailored reporting flexibility for optimal performance.