Product Details

Muratec’s Dual Crane Stocker is an advanced automated storage and retrieval solution explicitly designed for cleanroom environments, streamlining the movement of sensitive materials like wafers between different clean factory manufacturing facility levels. 

Extended-height stockers facilitate vertical product transport across production levels. Muratec’s stocker systems are precisely customized to accommodate load characteristics, throughput, floor space, environmental considerations, and manufacturing processes, optimizing storage efficiency. 

Industries: Semiconductor & Technology

Configurations: 200mm, 300mm

Tailored Storage

Tailored storage solutions crafted to match product attributes, throughput demands, floor space constraints, environmental factors, and manufacturing procedures.

Versatile Options

Accommodate 200mm and 300mm wafer, reticle pods, and FOSB solutions, supporting various inventory locations, throughput speeds, EUV, and purging options.

Vertical Transport

Extended-height stockers enable efficient vertical product transport between production floors and levels.