Muratec aims to contribute to further development of the world’s textile industry with improved-quality machinery and creation of added value, brought about by solutions in the form of new technologies.

The Process Coner II QPRO Plus, our automatic winder, combines time-tested machining with today’s technology to deliver a higher quality of yarn at faster speeds. This winding machine is available in six different models based on your application, all of which improve quality, efficiency and productivity.

Straight Magazine

As the most basic winder offered for the Process Coner II QPRO Plus, the Straight Magazine winder allows operators to hand-feed yarn into the spinning pockets; from there, the path of the yarn from the bobbin to the cone is straight.

This process reduces yarn friction, which results in the high-quality, high-tech yarn the Process Coner II QPRO Plus is known for. Learn more about the Straight Magazine winder!

Link Coner

The Link Coner is an automated model offered for our Process Coner II QPRO Plus and is one of the most popular models selected by our automated winding customers.

In this model, the spinning frame and automatic winder are directly connected via the tray-to-tray linking system, eliminating special handling for improved quality of yarn. Take a moment to learn more about the Link Coner!

Bobbin Tray

The Bobbin Tray winder is an automatic machine within our Process Coner II QPRO Plus Series for automatic winding.

With an optional double feeding system, this machine can work two kinds of yarn simultaneously. This allows for maximum flexibility with high efficiency. Discover what the Bobbin Tray winder can do for you!

VCF Winder

For textile businesses seeking an automatic winding solution that reduces floor space, look no further than the VCF winder, a model offered within our Process Coner II QPRO Plus Series.

Also known as a Vertical Conveyor Feeder, the VCF winder is similar to the Bobbin Tray winder but offers a more compact size. With two bobbins per spindle, this model delivers efficient winding, while taking up less floor space. Learn more!


When it comes to yarn transferring, the Cone-to-Cone winder is the automatic winding machine for the job.

This machine is a model within our Process Coner II QPRO Plus Series. This machine transfers yarn to another kind of packaging efficiently and reliably. Quality is key with the Cone-to-Cone winder, and the yarn is wound, fit, and packaged for the next process. Read more about the Cone-to-Cone winder!

Rewind Magazine

For textile businesses seeking to save yarn at the end of the warping process, our Rewind Magazine winder is the answer.

This is one of the five models offered within our series of Process Coner II QPRO Plus automatic winder. As the warping comes to an end, the Rewind Magazine winder rewinds the remaining yarn onto the package, rather than throwing it away. Discover how you can save yarn with the Rewind Magazine winder!